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Dating websites november 1 david hughes

Over the years, the Regional boundaries diminished significantly, including the North Eastern Region which was absorbed into the ER in 1967.

On the map he has marked some circles showing (1) a timber yard that no longer exists of which he would like to get pictures of (2) a building marked on the map at the southern edge of the yard west of the bridge of which he would like to find out the function (3) the location of the over-track signal box location that he would like to get more detailed pictures of (4) the Corbridge Gas Company gas works where he would like to get more details, maybe from pictures - especially he is wondering if it was served by what appears on the map to be a short siding or if the coal was carted round from the coal drops on north side of the tracks. Any advice on online locations where suitable photo archives might exist (probably not ones that a search engine normally finds) will be much appreciated.

Colin's email address is (Left) Former North Eastern Region engine driver John Moor Evans (Jock) sadly passed away aged 96, surrounded by family at Tandridge Heights Care Home, Hythe, Kent, on Monday 11th January 2016.

Typical of the post-war baby-boom period, a small boy's development was greatly influenced by trains and railways; in particular steam engines played a major role, not least of all for Brian, whose interest began during the mid-Fifties when he was just 8 years-old.

It happened while he was staying in London with an elderly aunt, who put him on a suburban train to meet his mother at Kings Cross station.

The rest was made up of service engines and Departmental locomotives.companies.

Britain's railways was now made up of the Western Region, Southern Region, Scottish Region, Eastern Region, North Eastern Region and London Midland Region - the old LNER being divided a mongst the two newly- formed Regions: Eastern and North Eastern, whilst the Scottish Region was composed partly of the former LMS and LNER.

Now it must be said that neither his aunt nor his mother were aware that some trains stopped at a suburban platform to the east of the main line station, therefore on arrival in London Brian was promptly dropped off by the guard at Kings Cross York Road Station where he dutifully waited for his mum to collect him.

When his mother didn't turn up, rather than panic it became a magical time for the impressionable small boy; the platform at York Road station gave him a grandstand view of the throat of Kings Cross main line station and he was rooted to the spot by all the comings and goings from this busy London terminal.

He did not see the romance in steam; hard graft, dirty and dangerous, whereas the diesels brought comfort of a type.

But you still had to fill out your reports.(Above) Sporting a York (50A) shedcode on the smokebox door, Class B16/3 No 61476, one of Thompson's rebuilds of Raven's original B16/1 with Walschaerts valve gear, awaits departure from Scarborough with the 10.10am to York on June 8th 1961…this was a big day for the then aspiring 13 year-old photographer, Brian Cooke!

Following his adventure at Kings Cross he acquired an Ian Allan abc Combined Volume and started collecting engine numbers.