Start Itemupdating not firing in detailsview

Itemupdating not firing in detailsview

Then, change auto Generate Rows to false and uncomment line 83. When i put Generate Templates() method on Init - update event works OK.

If I set the Default Mode of the control to Edit, it works as expected, but I do not want to leave it in edit mode all the time. Details View I am using a Details View to update an existing SQL Server record.

The columns from the sqldatasource display fine in the Details View and I can edit them.

This was the only way I got things to worked for me.

The Item Updated event never fired but I got the Details View to works how I wanted.

Everything appears to be wired up correctly (the correct values are sent to the database when the Update button is clicked) and I want various data bound Drop Down List controls to be refreshed to reflect the updated data.

I have read that the place to rebind these controls is in the Item Updated() event of the ...

Problem 1: When clicking on the Edit button the Details View will not change the mode until the second click.