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'No greater gift than freedom on her birthday,' Barnett said of the 63-year-old petitioning for a pardon.

It found the main control room in Wimbledon, South-West London, was undergoing maintenance, therefore some of the 800 emergency calls received were diverted to Stratford in the east of the city or as far away as Kent and Newcastle when lines were busy.

Pictured: Emergency services responding to the Grenfell Tower last June.

And the actress wasted no time addressing the controversy over her Valerie Jarrett tweet, writing: 'I'm not a racist, I never was & I never will be.

One stupid joke in a lifetime of fighting 4 civil rights 4 all minorities, against networks, studios, at the expense of my nervous system/family/wealth will NEVER b taken from me.' That comment came hours after Barr retweeted a false statement suggesting that Michelle Obama played a role in her firing.

He was said to have pledged to 'get rid of the posh girls' when he took over editorship at Vogue magazine last year.

So it comes as no surprise that Edward Enninful's inaugural list of Britain's 25 most influential and aspirational women is achingly right-on.

City of London Police said two people, a man and a woman both aged 38, had been arrested on suspicion of murder.